Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blue Mounds State Park

So this past week, Nathan, one of the guys that works at the interpretive center at Pipestone, offered to take Arjun and I to Blue Mounds State Park (about 25 miles away). It was really nice, a beautiful day! We just walked on some of the trails, the exciting part was when we went on one of the forested trails. We kept going and going and after a while (of beautiful scenery) the trail just sort of disappeared! At one point we went into this field between the woods and the road and were amongst plants taller than us! Upon closer inspection of these plants we were like "these look EXACTLY like marijuana plants (I think most everyone knows what the leaf of one looks like :P) I took some pics and Arjun looked it up later. Nathan called into the park the next day and asked/told about it and the guy said "it very well could be." Arjun looked it up and found that it was! He did, however, believe that is was the type that has low amount of THC more for making hemp and usage of the seeds etc. Still, that was hilarious, and there was TONS of it! Haha. Here are some pics. :)

After that we had to fight our way through the "jungle" :P to get back up to the top of the ridge to see where we were. We finally made it and we still had a little bit until we got back to the parking lot. :) It was a lot of fun. This was the day that we caught the WEME, so afterwards Arjun and I invited Nate to come along with us to have pizza and ice cream as celebration for catching it! :P We went to a place called Dar's Pizza, the most popular pizza place in town, then to Dari King for ice cream, which is also very well known. Yes they have a Dairy Queen too, but Dari King is know to be cheaper and better. :)

Yesterday was the 4th of July, I didn't really do much except for watch some movies on my computer, read a bit and did some sketching. It was a good day, but definitely the least exciting 4th I've ever had. I did see a few fireworks from my window (I'm on the 11 out of 12 floor of the tallest building in town) but surprisingly there weren't very many.

I'll leave you with a few more pics from Blue Mounds.

See the face!!

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  1. If I had run across those hemp plants, I would have been out of there quick. My first thought would be someone coming out to protect his crop, and those people don't play either. But this area where you took these pictures is beautiful. Very good work with the camera. Torn80cj