Sunday, October 11, 2009


On Friday morning I left on a ferry to go meet David in Sidney (where the Anacortes ferry comes in). He was going to meet me on the street where the bus stop was and we'd catch the bus together into Victoria. His ferry got in at 10:45 and the two buses we were going to try and catch were either the 11:10 or 11:40 (depending on how long it took him to walk there). I arrived around 11 and I waited and waited. I don't have a cell phone and no one could let me use their phone in businesses because it would be calling long distance. It was about 11:30 (I was getting quite worried as I knew it wouldn't take him that long to walk to the bus) when he came running down the sidewalk. He had been searched at customs after getting off of the ferry! They had asked him questions about what he had and because I couldn't remember everything he put (if it were just clothes or not) he hesitated in answering some of their questions so they took him aside and searched his bag and his person for 30 min!!! I told him he has to learn how to be less suspicious. :P We caught the 11:40 bus and made it into Victoria. We had lunch and walked around, checked into our hostel, which was very nice (Ocean Island Backpackers), and for dinner David surprised me by bringing me to a German place! It was so cute, the waitresses were wearing german dresses and there was a guy playing the accordion and we had schnitzel and bratwurst. :) It was really yummy. We caught the bus early in the morning back up to Swartz Bay were we were meeting David's parents and we were all going to Salt Spring together. They were just getting off of their ferry from Vancouver when we got there and so we didn't think they'd make it on the 9:00 ferry so we waited until we knew before we bought our tickets. It was hectic and confusing, but after buying our tickets and RUNNING to the ferry we all made it on together and were amazed that we were able to do so. :P We spend the morning on Salt Spring at the market and eating brunch. :) It was very nice. They brought me back to the Centre and I gave them a bit of a tour. Then I had to go back to work.

Late that night Yoch cooked a turkey and they made a big Thanksgiving meal as (as Lauren who's been going to school in Victoria for years told us that today [Oct 10]) it was Thanksgiving in Canada. David's family and I went out to eat at a place and we kept seeing signs that said they'd be closed or open on Thanksgiving Oct 12. I I was curious about this as Lauren said it was the 10th. The lady assured me it was the 12. When we got back I told Lauren and she was sure it was the 10th. We looked online and it said it was the second Monday of October, so it was the 12th and Lauren felt betrayed and lied to!! ;P It was quite funny, but she couldn't understand how her and everyone she knew had been celebrating it on the 10th for years!! Poor Lauren. :P When I got back they were just cleaning up and then we all had pie together. :) (pumpkin). It was a good time.

On another subject, David is going to be getting done with his work earlier than expected and so (as there's less and less to do here and we're going to be releasing most of our seals when Marielle comes back from her vacation this week, and the fawns are leaving Wednesday) I might just be leaving sooner as well. If I do so, David and I have decided to start out on our road trip a bit earlier so we have more leeway for weather problems.

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